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Updated 1/12
Icelandic horses
Ísafold from Lone Cedar
USIHC #US2006203299
2006 Yellow/Bay Dun Mare

Vífill frá Keldudal x Gjósta from Pegasus

Ísa is a lovely, bold m
are with promising gaits and
an excellent pedigree (Hrafn frá Holtsmúla,
Höldur frá Brún, Ófeigur frá Flugumýri and Þáttur
frá Kirkjubæ) to top it off.  She is five gaited and
just over 13.3 hands.  
Isa was evaluated by international breeding judge
Barbara Frische
at three years and received very
favorable marks.  Started under saddle
and doing
well, Isa so far is very calm and uncomplicated.

Her Sire is a 13.3 hand red dun first prize stallion
with scores of 8.18 for conformation and 8.09 for
riding.  Overall score: 8.13
Her Dam is a lovely bay mare with easy tölt, nice
conformation and disposition.   

Sveifla from Rivendell
2008 red dun filly

Máni frá Raufarfelli 2 x Tromma frá Kjarri

Sveifla is a large, promising red dun filly from two
evaluated parents (8.07 & 7.76).   5 gaited with
tons of tolt.  She halters, ties, stand for farrier and
is up to date on everything.  Well mannered and
easy to deal with.  Evaluated by Judge Barbara
Frische on 10/09.  "Well raised filly with long
lines, elastic tolt, typical of the breed"
She will make a great riding horse or a good
addition to any breeding program.

Congratulations to the Adelsman family!
Photo coming soon!